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Native American Artifact & Militaria: Auction & Appraisal

Military & Native American

Prices Realized: Military & Native American

Military and Firearms pieces were highlighted with the sale of the lifetime collection of John Wallace from Western NY, with several fine Henry Rifles and Winchesters bringing top prices. Our civil War-era guns, swords, knives, and documents also demand national attention. Native American items range from Germantown and Navajo weavings and Acoma pottery to beaded items and Kachina dolls—and more.

Henry Rifle
Price realized: $48,300
Lots per page:
"Tatanua" Mask


Dakota Knife Sheath


Cottone Auctions is where history and heritage converge in our Native American and military collections. Explore our curated offerings, bridging the rich tapestry of Native American culture with the significance of military history.

Our Native American artifact auctions are a tribute to the diverse and vibrant cultures that have shaped the American continent for centuries. From intricately crafted pottery to exquisite jewelry and tribal artifacts, our collections celebrate the artistry and traditions of Native American artifacts. Each item tells a story, offering a unique window into the past.

Our militaria auctions pay homage to those who have served their nations. From antique weapons and uniforms to wartime memorabilia, our collections commemorate the sacrifices and achievements of military history. Whether you're a collector, or simply interested in the profound impact of historical events, our militaria auctions offer a multitude of insights.

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